What does the WebReach Auto Form Filler do?

WebReach Auto Form Filler will crawl the web to find leads and then contact those leads through the contact form listed on those leads websites.  It will perform a google search based on your keywords, find the websites within that search, crawl those websites and find the URL for the contact page on those sites.  It will then fill out the contact forms using the custom information you supplied in the form, and submit the form.


What if I already have a list of websites that I’d like to contact? 

The WebReach Auto Form Filler will work for you too.  Just upload your spreadsheet of URLs and the WebReach Auto Form Filler will find the contact pages associated with your list.  It will then fill out the contact forms using the custom information you supplied in the form, and submit the form.


Why didn’t the search return with the total number of sites I requested? 

I know it seems odd in this day and age but not all companies have a website.  The number of searches you select is the number of Google results it will search.   Some results won’t have a website associated with the company.  See image below.  The results you receive will be the websites the WebReach found with a website within the total searched.

Why didn’t the WebReach Auto Form Filler fill out all contact pages? 

The form filler completes the contact forms with the custom information you provide.  The form filler allows you to provide a custom answer for the most common contact for the field including: full name, first name, last name, company name, address, city, state, zip, email, subject, message, and phone number.  If the contact form requires a field to be filled in that is not a part of that list, such as a machine part for example, the field will be left blank and the form can’t be submitted.  Also if the form has a captcha, it won’t be sent.  We will have captcha bypass intelligence included in the next release.


What percentage of my search results in a contact form being completed and submitted? 

After accounting for companies with no websites, websites without contact pages, contact pages with required fields outside the scope of customizations and captchas, you will successfully contact approximately 40% of the number of leads you searched.


If I request a search with the same keyword and location, in order to pull in more leads, will I receive duplicate results? 

No.  WebReach will save the search results.  The next time you search with the same query, WebReach will tally with the previous results and skip the results that you already received, finding new leads with additional search results.


Do I need any special software to use the WebReach Auto Form Filler? 

No.  All you need is access to the web.